Considering Solar?

You've come to the right place. There are dozens of reasons to apply the new technologies available today to improve your business' or personal bottom line. And who doesn't want to save money while doing something good for the environment?  Be one of the first in your industry or on your block to demonstrate your environmental stewardship and champion the cause for renewable energy.  But most importantly, solar is an excellent return on investment.  Take advantage of:

    • State-level grants
    • Federal tax credits
    • SREC sales that put cash in your pocket

CNC Solar BBB Business ReviewWith the installation of a turn-key solar electric system from CNC Solar, you will demonstrate your commitment to both your long-term financial success and a better future for our environment, without the need to be either an electrical engineer or a bureaucratic administrator.  That's right, we handle all of the paperwork too.

You’ll cultivate capital when you go solar by:

    •     Stabilizing your electric bills
    •     Earning a higher return on investment than most stock investments
    •     Decreasing your tax liability
    •     Recouping your initial investment in years, not decades

Every year consumers pay more for electricity and our country relies more on pollution-causing fossil fuels. Last winter's spot-market pricing for electricity hit $.22 per kiloWatt hour.  Going solar today can ensure that you are no longer exposed to the volatility of the local utilities market or the unpredicable government instability of oil producing nations.  Plus, when you go solar, you support high-earning American jobs.

With the installation of a CNC Solar electric system, custom-designed to fit your needs, you can ensure that you have control over your future electric costs.

Complete a roof analysis request form today and let CNC Solar evaluate your solar electric needs and ensure that you maximize the benefits of your solar investment.


High Efficiency Lighting

CNC Solar now provides commercial high-efficiency lighting upgrades in Maryland and Delaware.  Contact us today to find out how your business can dramatically reduce your lighting expenses, take advantage of great state incentives, and recoup your investment in less than five years.









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CNC Offers Solar for NO Money Down

CNC Solar now offers 100% financing on solar arrays.  Now you can avoid the large up-front cost while realizing income and savings from solar.

Look Before You Lease

Financing solar provides a substantially better return on investment than leasing, with better monthly payments.  Plus, you avoids some of the pitfalls of leases.  To see more information on financing, click here.  To get started right away with a free roof analysis, click here.


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EV plus PV

Interested in an electric vehicle but worried about charging it?  Our solar experts not only know about making electricity from the sun, but they also know electric vehicles.  Talk to us today about installing solar and your own personal charging station.