Each day enough sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface to meet the world’s energy demand for an entire year. Solar is available everywhere, while other forms of renewable energy is available only in certain areas. The sun is projected to burn for another five billion years, so we do not have to worry about it running out.

Savings on Electric
A solar power system ties into your current utility connection, turning your electric meter backwards when the system is producing more than you are consuming in your home. In the right situation, it can reduce your electricity bill up to 100%.

Stabilization of Electric Costs
Electric costs are only projected to go up in the years to come. The electricity produced by solar power is a fixed cost and will not increase over the life of the system.

Photovoltaic technology is proven, reliable, and has no moving parts. Solar panels come with a 25 to 30 year warranty.

Clean Energy
You can use clean electricity from photovoltaic panels on your business to replace power produced by natural gas, propane, coal, oil, and nuclear power plants. A solar power system on your business demonstrates your commitment to using clean, renewable energy.

Energy Independence
Solar electric helps you become independent from the utility and America become energy independent by decreasing the demand for foreign energy sources.

Great Return on Investment
Solar power offers an excellent after-tax return on investment and will typically pay for itself in five to seven years. Current State and Federal incentives will pay for up to 60% of your system.

State Rebate Up to 33% of Total Installed Cost
Tax Credit 30% of Total Installed Cost
SREC Income Passive Income for every Megawatt Hour produced
Electricity Savings Decrease or Eliminate Electricity Bill each month
Pays for Itself 5-7 years FREE Electric after it is paid off
Stabilization of Electric The electricity produced by the system will be fixed. It will never go up in price.


CNC Offers Solar for NO Money Down

CNC Solar now offers 100% financing on solar arrays.  Now you can avoid the large up-front cost while realizing income and savings from solar.

Look Before You Lease

Financing solar provides a substantially better return on investment than leasing, with better monthly payments.  Plus, you avoids some of the pitfalls of leases.  To see more information on financing, click here.  To get started right away with a free roof analysis, click here.




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EV plus PV

Interested in an electric vehicle but worried about charging it?  Our solar experts not only know about making electricity from the sun, but they also know electric vehicles.  Talk to us today about installing solar and your own personal charging station.