Dewey Beach, DE - 3.0 kW • GE 200 Watt Panels and Motech 235 Watt Panels • Xantrex Inverter (Existing)

When the Lucases installed their original solar array in 2009, the high cost of solar at the time limited them to a 1.8 kW array with only nine panels.  CNC Solar was able to add six panels to their array, bringing the total array size up to 3.0 kW. There was no need to replace the existing inverter, as it is capable of handling up to 5 kW of solar power.  Due to tight roof space, this array is a hybrid layout, with panels in both landscape and portrait orientations.  Because the array is only visible from Rehoboth Bay, the Lucases requested the most aggressive roof layout possible, and CNC Solar was happy to accomodate their request.
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