Harrington, DE - 6.24 kW • SolarWorld 260 Watt Black-on-Black Panels • Solectria Inverter

The Moores have eliminated 100% of their electricity consumption from the grid, and have reduced their monthly electricity bill to $4.33 with this 24-panel solar array.  The black-on-black panels met the stringent requirements of their homeowner's association and allowed them to install solar on the front of their home.  The Moores leveraged CNC Solar's flexible financing program to "float" their solar incentives, allowing them to install this array with less than $5,000 down.  With the financing, they retained all of their incentives, and are now cash-flow positive every month.  With quarterly SREC income of approximately $200 and their greatly reduced electricity bills, the system will pay for itself in less than five years.

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