Why Commercial Solar Financing?


Commercial solar financing allows businesses to reduce the rate they pay for electricity for ten years, then receive free electricity for 15 years thereafter.  No large up-front investment may be required, and the business is able to take advantage of all of the tax incentives and grants available.  The business will also realize SREC income throughout the life of the financing term and beyond.

End-of-term buy-outs are customized for each business, and can be as low as $0.  

Going solar is a reliable way to decrease and stabilize the operating costs of your business.  Going solar with CNC Commercial Financing is a reliable way to be cash flow positive from day one, with little to no money out of pocket.

Available Financing Structures


CNC Solar offers capital leases, operating leases, and Power Purchase Agreements. Financing is available for both owner-occupant and landlord-tenant scenarios.  To determine which financing structure will be most profitable for your business, contact us today.

Incentives that Improve Return on Investment


State Rebates $30-$60 per watt (Maryland)
Up to 33% (Delaware)
Tax Credit 30% of total installed cost
Accelerated Depreciation    29.75% with bonus depreciation
SREC Income Passive income for every Megawatt hour produced
Electricity Savings Decrease or eliminate your monthly electricity bill
Price Stabilization Cost of electricity produced by solar array will never go up




CNC Solar was recently featured on Delmarva Life on WBOC. To view the video on YouTube, click here


EV plus PV

Interested in an electric vehicle but worried about charging it?  Our solar experts not only know about making electricity from the sun, but they also know electric vehicles.  Talk to us today about installing solar and your own personal charging station.

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30% Tax Credit for Solar Installations

The 30% federal investment tax credit for solar installations has been extended until 2016. What does this mean for the solar industry? Click here to find out.