Cool Springs, DE - 3.478 kW • Mage 180 Watt Panels • Fronius Inverters

The buildings at Lavender Fields date as far back as the 1890's, so placement of the solar array had to be extremely respectful of the aestetics of the farm.  CNC Solar was able to place 21 panels on the back of one of the buildings, and discretely run the necessary connecting wires and equipment, so as to not negatively affect the charm of Lavender Fields.  

The owners now proudly show off their solar array, which produces energy that matches their demand curve.  While the main season for the farm runs from June to October, the five-acre property runs year-round.  As with the farm, the solar array operates 365 days a year, and allows them to "bank" extra energy produced in the off months for use in their peak summer usage months.


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