When any homeowner is considering options to reduce their electricity costs, the real question is: “Which solution is right for me?”

CNC Solar helps each client answer that question with a solar energy solution provided to match your individual needs.  We provide high-quality products, industry-leading experience, and turn-key solar PV solutions designed specifically for your home, energy consumption, and budget.

Homeowners can get started for as little as $0 down.  Complete systems are available starting at just $10,000.

CNC Solar has the answer

In the face of today’s ever-rising electricity cost, the top priority is your return on investment.

CNC Solar will analyze your roof, meet with you to provide you with all of the information you need to feel confident in making a solar decision, and answer any questions you may have.

Our advantage is the turn-key solution we provide.  We take care of the paperwork, secure your grants and permits, assure a quality installation, and service all of the warranties.  You sit back and enjoy your new lower electricity bills.

Residential Solar Advantages
  • Start with as little as $0 down
  • Lower your monthly electricity costs
  • Protection from future rate increases
  • Federal tax credits, and for most consumers, state grants are available

Lower Electricity Costs

Every kilowatt hour produced by solar is one you don’t have to purchase from the grid, saving you money on your electricity bill each month.  Solar helps protect you from rising energy costs, and is now equal to or lower than your current electricity rates.

Reliable, Predictable Power

In the industry, solar is referred to as a “fire and forget” technology.  Why?  Because solar is extremely reliable, with minimal maintenance required.  Pair this with solar’s extremely predictable production, and the result is a winning energy solution for your home.  

Renewable Energy

Obviously, power from the sun is clean.  Solar arrays unobtrusively and silently generate electricity for your home for decades.  Solar delivers power with zero emissions.  And because solar is renewable, in many locations, you can be paid when you sell the renewable attributes of the energy you produce and consume.

Excellent Return on Investment

Since 2008, solar prices have dropped by 75%, making solar PV systems a cost-effective and affordable solution for homeowners.  With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can be assured that your solar solution from CNC Solar will meet your needs.

Solar Financing – Eliminating Roadblocks

While solar can greatly decrease your electricity bills, the up-front investment can seem daunting to many homeowners, making solar out of reach.  CNC Solar’s financial resources eliminate the initial investment hurdle. We provide flexible financing solutions that give you a better return on investment than traditional solar leases.  Whether you finance the entire system, or use the financing to “float” your incentives, you are the system owner, so you retain all of the incentives, increasing your return on investment.  Click here to see how the CNC Solar financing offer is better than a solar lease.

And before we finance a system with you, we run the numbers, so you’re able to see your different financing options, your cash-flow, and can compare your return on investment under each scenario.

Why CNC Solar
  • We are a full service solar installation company providing solar electric systems that reduce or eliminate your electricity costs.
  • We provide a turn-key solution that makes it easy for you to go solar.
  • We educate our clients throughout the process, making you a confident solar owner.
  • We install state-of-the-art equipment from leading brands and utilize best-in-class design and installation methods.
  • Every residential solar array is custom designed to meet your individual needs.


The CNC Solar Approach

We deliver solar success in three phases:

  1. Analysis and Design: We conduct an assessment of home, your energy usage, and the solar production potential of your property.  Based upon the results of that assessment, CNC Solar designs a solar solution that cost-effectively meets your needs and provides the best return on investment.  We quantify your energy savings, attribute income, and incentives so that you can see the positive impact solar can have on your budget.  
  2. Administration and Construction: Our expert installation team installs your array, with professional attention to detail.  In the background, transparent to you, we assure we have secured all of the necessary permits, obtain all of the available local grants, and complete all of the other necessary paperwork.  Once your installation is complete, we provide you with a system walk-through to explain how your installed system should be maintained and monitored, and provide you with a complete owner’s manual. 
  3. Warranty Service: Though rare, from time to time, solar arrays require service.  CNC Solar services all manufacturers’ warranties.  Additionally, we provide a materials and workmanship warranty that fully wraps your solar array for the first five years.  

When you’re ready to make an investment that will decrease or eliminate your electricity costs for over twenty years, contact the CNC Solar Residential Solutions Team.


CNC Offers Solar for NO Money Down

CNC Solar now offers 100% financing on solar arrays.  Now you can avoid the large up-front cost while realizing income and savings from solar.

Look Before You Lease

Financing solar provides a substantially better return on investment than leasing, with better monthly payments.  Plus, you avoids some of the pitfalls of leases.  To see more information on financing, click here.  To get started right away with a free roof analysis, click here.




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EV plus PV

Interested in an electric vehicle but worried about charging it?  Our solar experts not only know about making electricity from the sun, but they also know electric vehicles.  Talk to us today about installing solar and your own personal charging station.