A solar energy system is a great way to power your business with clean, renewable, cost stable electricity. The following diagram illustrates how solar works:


  1. Solar Array: Powering your business with the sun starts here. The solar array is comprised of a series of solar panels. The bigger the array, the more electricity it is capable of producing. When sunlight hits the solar array, DC electricity is generated.
  2. Inverter: The DC electricity from your array travels to the inverter, where it is converted from DC to AC electricity. AC electricity is the type of power you receive from the utility power grid.
  3. Electric Service Panel: AC electricity from your inverter passed to the electric service panel where it is routed to power your facility’s various electric loads.
  4. Utility Power Grid: When your solar electric system generates more power than your business is consuming, excess electricity is routed to the power grid. When you feed electricity back to the grid your meter will spin backwards, earning you credits on your bill.


CNC Offers Solar for NO Money Down

CNC Solar now offers 100% financing on solar arrays.  Now you can avoid the large up-front cost while realizing income and savings from solar.

Look Before You Lease

Financing solar provides a substantially better return on investment than leasing, with better monthly payments.  Plus, you avoids some of the pitfalls of leases.  To see more information on financing, click here.  To get started right away with a free roof analysis, click here.




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EV plus PV

Interested in an electric vehicle but worried about charging it?  Our solar experts not only know about making electricity from the sun, but they also know electric vehicles.  Talk to us today about installing solar and your own personal charging station.