Solar System for $9,999

The lowest priced Solar Electric System on the Market

For years, solar electric has been priced at a level that makes it difficult for most of us to afford. CNC Solar is proud to announce that we have configured a system that combines all of the benefits of a high end solar electric system at an affordable price point. This 16 panel system is large enough to cover upwards of 50% of your electric bill while not emptying your pockets. The materials for this system are the same as any higher priced system: tier one solar panels, rapid shutdown of the system as per NEC 2014 regulations, standard inverters with 10 year warranties, reliable attachment to the structure and compliance with all Delaware electrical codes are standard for the installation.

Grants, Tax Credits and other financial benefits

All financial incentives are in the possession of the homeowner including the 30% Tax Credit, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, State Grants and Net Metering.


Notes on System:

- Panels may or may not be black on black color

- System design is either 2 rows of 8 columns (Portrait Orientation) or 4 rows of 4 columns (Landscape Orientation)

- Piping to be located on outside of structure


Larger sized systems available



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